Rare Celebrity Photos Are Now at The National Portrait Gallery

Written by Chief Editor.

A collection of 10 rarely seen images have been donated to the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Elton-John-pictureThey include a 1991 shot of Elton, as seen below. Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry are among the other subjects. They can be viewed at the institution's online digital collection whilst plans are being made to publicly display the prints in the Gallery in the near future.

The photos were taken by Bob Carlos Clarke, who committed suicide in 2006 after spending time in rehab. The art was donated by his wife and daughter.

Bob won numerous awards for his advertising campaigns and was acclaimed for his photo journalism as well his sometimes controversial portraits of stars. He also produced six books.

Clare Freestone from the NPG called the photographs "both classic and era defining."

"We are pleased to be able to add to the representation of Bob Carlos Clarke's work in the National Portrait Gallery's collection with this generous portfolio gift," she said.

Lindsey Carlos Clarke said she was "delighted" to offer her late husband's prints, as she felt it was "very important that future generations enjoy these intimate portraits."

Terence Pepper, curator of photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, called him "one of the great photographic image-makers of the last few decades."

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