JUST BREAKING: The Latest on Elton's Upcoming Album

Written by Chief Editor.

 Target is offering a 21-track edition of The Diving Board.

It includes two bonus tracks, Gaugin Gone Hollywood and 5th Avenue. These are also available on a Japanese SHM-CD.

The new disc was recorded live in the studio giving the album ''a tight, uncluttered and naturalistic feel,'' to quote the Telegraph, where there's now an Exclusive on the paper's Web site with Bernie Taupin, who spoke about his career and about his and Elton's latest work.

“There have definitely been periods that weren’t so good,” Taupin says. “In the late Eighties and early Nineties we made some albums that, quite honestly, were crap records. There was a certain amount of distance between Elton and me. I don’t mean in our relationship; I just think we were floating in different spheres. We weren’t communicating enough, and complacency set in.

“But I’m really proud of what we’re doing now. I feel that we’ve refound our footing, and our passion.”

Also in Diving Board developments, Elton will soon be promoting the new album on American TV. He'll be appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on the 25th of September.

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