Bernie's Stance on Brexit

Written by Chief Editor.

Bernie Taupin is applauding Elton's efforts in helping to negotiate ''a fair deal for young British musicians.''

The lyricist wrote on his Instagram page that  ''support it or not, Brexit is screwing up the future of UK artists who want to play and work in Europe.
''Their livelihoods are already in jeopardy due to COVID-19. This is only making things more dire.''
He continued: ''Get your heads on straight guys and get this done. I know I'm an American citizen but music is a universal language.''
Elton recently wrote in the Guardian that the UK's Brexit negotiators either did not care about musicians, didn't consider them, or were not adequately prepared. He says there need to be renegotiations because British performers are no longer guaranteed visa-free travel around Europe, and could face additional costs and new paperwork.
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