David Talks About Elton, Covid, Work And Family

Written by Chief Editor.

David Furnish says a ''big load'' was lifted from his mind after Elton was vaccinated against coronavirus.

On ITV's Good Morning Britain, he praised a recent NHS advert in which Elton and Michael Caine ''had a bit of fun,'' saying the vaccines are good and some levity is needed.
''We have been living through very heavy times, so it's nice to have a little bit of not taking yourself too seriously.''
Furnish said he and his family have had ''the most amazing year doing stuff together, watching lots and lots of movies, lots of lots of television.''
He noted that Elton continues to ''devour new music, he listens to everything new that comes out all the time.''
His huband also has ''embarked on a fitness regime and a diet, he's been looking afte himself really well.''
The two ''work together at home, we produce his radio show, we get on really well, we just enjoy each other's company and we've happy as a family.''
Asked if their boys have experienced any homophobia as a result of having two dads, the 58-year-old replied, ''We've been very fortunate with their school and within their community; everybody's been really warm, really welcoming to us, treated us the same as any other family.''
David added that he was talking about certain scenes being cut when the Rocketman biopic was screened in Russia, and ''my older son was like, 'Why would they cut the film, papa, I don't understand?'
''I said, 'Well, in some parts of the world they don't believe it's right for two men to be in a relationship and be in love.' ''
Zachary's response was, ''Well, they're wrong aren't they? They're completely wrong.''