Pop Star's Half-Brother Appears in Court

Written by Chief Editor.

According to the Daily Mail, Elton's half-brother is accused of breaching coronavirus rules by helping organise an unlicensed music event last summer. 

Geoff Dwight was in court today because he is said to have disregarded Welsh protection regulations. Over 200 people were allowed at the gathering---far exceeding the 30-person limit. The 54-year-old has claimed it was a religious spiritual gathering. He also says he was not involved in the organisation.

Geoff was granted unconditional bail until a trial in June. He could receive a fine.
Dwight has barely been in contact with Elton, and has a very different sort of lifestyle in the vale of Clwyd, where he makes yurts and harps, and sets up music festivals. 
He took issue with the negative portrayal of their father, Stanley Dwight, in the movie Rocketman. He believed their dad loved everyone equally and was proud of Elton and his achievements.
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