The Rocket Man Lashes Out at Internet Trolls

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton says that trolls on social media ought to be held accountable for their ''hateful'' remarks.

He said that people ''are so cruel to each other' and something needs to be done to stop it.
His statement comes after people anonymously sent racist and homophobic comments after his Apple Music appearance with Zane Lowe and Rina Sawayama
He pointed out that his duet with the latter on Chosen Family was about ''bringing people together and loving at a time when people are so hateful to each other and that the world is so divisive.'' 
Elton, who believes there has two or three years of such problems throughout the whole world, but especially in America, added that during lockdown, ''we've seen social media being used to abuse people racially. Not just being gay, but racially as well.''
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