Jethro Tull Bandleader Says John And Jagger's Singing Styles Aren't Authentic

Written by Chief Editor.

Ian Anderson appeared on the Rock History Music YouTube channel, where he spoke about Elton, the Rolling Stones, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Jethro Tull frontman thinks the Hall is an American institution, and really about American music, although ''it might spin on to perhaps some non-US-based bands or performers who are deeply infused with Americana and American music.
''So you could say the Rolling Stones because Mick Jagger sings in a sort of weirdly fake American accent, and they were a blues-R&B band in their early days. And so there's a lot of Americana in the Stones' music.''
The performer added: ''And there are people who also sing in ridiculous American accents like Elton John. It doesn't sound that way at all when he speaks, he just puts on this silly voice to sing it.
''But there are bands who I think really exist outside that world and whose music really doesn't owe a great deal to anything American. There are a whole host of great American bands and artists who deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame much more than Jethro Tull. Because their credentials are real, they truly are part of American musical history.''