''Tiny Dancer'' And ''Rocketman'' Make Impact on Country Vocalist

Written by Chief Editor.

A country artist told iHeart Radio that Rocketman helped inspire one of his new songs.
Eric Church explained that he was watching the film one night with his wife, and that one particular scene helped generate the idea for Rock & Roll Found Me.
''We sat down and we watched Elton John's movie, Rocketman. And, I'm 20 minutes into this thing and he's dressed in this costume and he's at an AA meeting or something.
''And he goes, 'I was however many years old and rock and roll found me.' 
''And when he said that, I got up, said pause the movie, I went to the kitchen, I wrote the song. And I was just so into that world and that creativity, I couldn't turn it off. And, good or bad, depends on who you are talking to, but that's the way it all turned out.''
This isn't the first time Eric has been influenced by Elton, as he has covered Tiny Dancer a number of times in concert.
Below is a clip of him performing a medley of music, which includes Elton's classic.
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