Pain: What Elton Thought of The Latest Oscars

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton told his friend, Neil Patrick Harris, at the EJAF Academy Awards Viewing Party over the weekend, ''It's a pain.''

The Hollywood Reporter explained that the singer was describing how it felt to go from a glamorous in-person fundraiser to a streaming event due to Covid. However, he soon backtracked, saying, ''It's not a pain. I wish we could be there. It's more fun to be there. This is the only way we could do it.''
Elton also offered his thoughts on the Academy Awards' Union Station venue, noting, ''The Oscar ceremony looks like it's coming from a Starbucks somewhere.''
He called early Daniel Kaluuya, who won the Best Supporting Actor trophy for Judas and the Black Messiah,  ''a lovely man,'' but added, ''I still can't get over the set, though.''
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