The Rocket Man Has Contributed to Nyro's ''American Dreamer''

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton, Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash, Donald Fagen, Alice Cooper, Rickie Lee Jones, and Patti LaBelle are among the notables who have provided comments for a new box set.
American Dreamer consists of remastered versions of Laura Nyro's first seven albums plus an LP of rare demos and live recordings. Also featuring rare photos, this is to be released on the 30th of July.
In 2008, Elton and Elvis Costello discussed the performer's influence on both of them during the premiere episode of Costello's show, Spectacle. When asked by the host to name three songwriters who have been largely ignored, one of Elton's choices was Laura.
Admitting that she inspired his song, Burn Down The Mission, the piano player said: ''I idolised her. The soul, the passion, just the out and out audacity of the way her rhythmic and melodic changes came, was like nothing I'd heard before.''
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