Pop Vocalist Appears on Watford Player's Podcast

Written by Chief Editor.

 Elton talks about music, family, Watford, Rocketman, and social media on a new podcast.

Regarding the latter, he tells Troy Deeney that something needs to be done about hostile people ''hiding behind their screens.'' While Elton uses social media to promote what he does, he believes it has heightened problems which already existed.
The singer says he enjoyed the biopic, Rocketman. Taron Egerton ''looked and sounded like me,'' he says. But watching himself on video is another story.
Elton also speaks about touring (estimating he'll be 76 when he finishes his tour), artists he admires, and his Rocket Hour show.
In addition, he addresses Covid and lockdowns, and how hard it's been on people.
The interview lasts just over half an hour, and can be heard at

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