Lenny And The Jets: Celebrities Appear in New NHS Commercial

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton and several other stars are in a new NHS advert. It urges more people to get a vaccination against Covid and addresses myths about the shot.

Lenny Henry kicks things off, saying: ''People in the black, Asian, ethnic and minority community are 20% less likely to take up the vaccine.''
It's a Sin's Lydia West notes that it ''doesn't contain pork, or any material of animal origin.''
She adds: ''There is no evidence that it affects fertility.''
Like the other participants, Elton, who comes on at the end of the video, is pretending to audition for a role in a public information film about the shot. He happily says his name, only to be told that he didn't get the part last time, and won't get it this time. Elton then sighs and leaves the set.
The first film featured both Elton and Michael Caine.
The latest one, which also has actor Navin Chowdhry, Liz Hurley, and David Walliams,  can be viewed here:
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