Saturday Night's Alright: How Channel 9's ''Elton John Heavy Night'' Fared

Written by Chief Editor.

Australia's Music Network reports that Saturday was an ''Elton John heavy night,'' premiering the movie Rocketman, followed by the interview, Elton John Uncensored.

Rocketman was ranked #9 for the night, drawing 278,000 metro viewers. It was also the fifth most watched by both the 25-54 and 18-49 age brackets. 
The biopic cost $40 million to make, and wound up raking in $195.2 million worldwide, with an additional $12 million from DVD sales. In Australia, it debuted in second place, with $4.52 million grossed from 521 cinemas (beaten by Aladdin).
Elton John Uncensored, with Graham Norton asking questions (a photo of the pair follows this item), is estimated to have reached 187,000 metro viewers.
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