Rocker Says His Passion For Watford Has Never Waned

Written by Chief Editor.

After the Hornets' win last weekend, Elton spoke to Watford FC's in-house media about what the football club means to him.

He is also proud of what Watford FC has achieved under the stewardship of owner Gino Pozzo and CEO/chairman Scott Duxbury.
The former chairman said that it's in his heart and soul, and that his passion for the club has never died. 
''The Pozzos have done an incredible job and Scott's been amazing. I talk to him at least two or three times a week, which he probably hates, especially when we lose.
''When I first came in here as vice president, and we had the two stands and the dog track . . . to see us now is amazing. We took it on an amazing journey, we've never gone down from the Championship, we've always been in the Premier League or the Championship and I've so proud of that, considering where we came from, what this club was, what it means to the community, how we've done that. We carried on during Covid with the hospital next door. It's been an amazing trip.''
Reflecting on the relegation and the season in the Championship, Elton said the team had been ''magnificent'' since {Head Coach} Xisco Munoz's arrival and that the club were returning to where they belonged. He also credited Xisco with coming in and changing the formation ''and the way we play, which suits us much better.''
He concluded by saying he was excited to return to a full Vicarage Road next season, to cheer the team on, alongside fellow supporters.
''Next year when we have the home support, they'll do ever better,'' the musician predicted. ''I'm dying to come back next year with the fans in the ground and the atmosphere and 'come on you 'orns' and to see all the flags and the scarves. Who wouldn't want to see that?
''We all miss it so much. We all miss the crowd, we miss going to the movies, we miss going to rock concerts, we miss going to the theatre or just going out for a meal.
''We're all human, we miss that contact.''
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