Delta Goodrem's Ode to Sir Elton

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Delta Goodrem's new album, Bridge Over Troubled Dreams, features an ode to the Rocket Man.

The singer told Apple Music: ''My hands wrote the piano part by themselves. Looking back, I don't even know how it happened. The song is a letter to Elton John. I was brought back to a moment when I was young and he reached out to me. It was when I was at my weakest, physically, undergoing chemotherapy {she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2003}. His kindness and belief in my music has always stayed with me. His generosity of heart gave me tremendous light. I've always had this deeply inspired connection to him and his music, the way he plays the keys, and the artistry in his music and lyrics will always be an inspiration. The song is a metaphor, too--in some ways it's an empowered message to myself saying, 'Here I am.' ''
The 36-year-old also discussed Elton with the Herald Sun, noting that his ''continued support of the community and younger artists helped make me who I am today, and it's important for me to support and be kind to artists because there's plenty of room for everybody.''
Delta saw Elton on his farewell Australian tour just as she was midway through writing and recording Bridge Over Troubled Dreams
''It was overwhelming. I had happy tears the entire show.''
Months later, she emailed Dear Elton to the pop veteran, detailing the link she's felt with him musically and personally.
''I got a note back that I'll treasure forever,'' Delta recalls. ''His words will stay with me, I'm so thankful for the kindness he continues to show.''
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