Shine On Through: John's Message to Siwa

Written by Chief Editor.

Last night, iHeart's Can't Cancel Pride virtual benefit (to raise visibility and funds for the LGBTQ+ community) included a message from Elton.
He congratulated JoJo Siwa for sharing herself with the world by coming out and is ''overjoyed you've joined our beautiful community.''
He credited the singer and dancer with being able ''to do something that took people of my generation decades to do.
''Not only are you living your truth, you are a shining example to young people the world over and their families by showing that love is love, people are people, and that is that. Not to mention, your fantastic style. As I like to say, more is more darling, so keep giving us the full JoJo unfiltered, full of joy, and literally yourself.''
He concluded: ''And let's all do the same. Happy Pride! And big love to everyone!''
The 18-year-old, who performed her hit, Boomerang, appeared with her signature high ponytail and winged costume, and was joined by half a dozen dancers. 
She declared, ''It's time to celebrate being who you are and loving who you want to love.''
See Elton and JoJo here:
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