The Latest Episode of ''Rocket Hour''

Written by Chief Editor.

Asher Monroe was Elton's latest guest on Apple Music's Rocket Hour.

They discussed the younger songwriter's upcoming album, Windows of Time, and the single Midnight Masquerade. The producer's name also came up.
Walter Afanasieff ''did most of the heavy lifting,'' revealed Asher, although ''I had a few other people do some production work.''
Elton noted that Walter has previously worked with Barbra Streisand and Mariah Carey. He also acknowledged that Asher comes from a musical theatre background and believes it's prevalent in his songwriting, ''which is a good thing because you're great on melody and you're great on structure. And sometimes that's missing from modern pop music.''
The piano player paid Monroe another compliment when he reported that his sons are fans as well.
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