Elton's Impact on Tate Sheridan

Written by Chief Editor.

Tate Sheridan recently shared his thoughts about Elton with ABC.

The singer-songwriter said that he hoped that the pop legend could hear his music. So when Elton played Canberra in November 2012, he decided to try to deliver a package containing a demo CD of his songs and eight-page letter about his life, career, and love for the star's music. When the lights dimmed for the encore, Tate slipped through a gap in the fence. ''People were chasing after me, and I saw a member of his security team. Luckily, I managed to throw the package to this guy . . . and he picked it up. That's the last I saw before I was escorted away.''
Later on, Tate was in his dorm room with friends when his phone rang. When the voice on the other end claimed to be Elton, he hung up, figuring it was a prank call. When he got another call, Sheridan realised it really was the performer.
Elton said that he listened to a few of Tate's songs and was impressed. He was also touched by the letter and invited the Australian piano player to come to his show in Sydney the next day, where they could meet backstage.
The two became musical pen pals, with Tate emailing demo songs and ideas every week or so, and his mentor giving him suggestions. 
''It wasn't about saying, 'Oh, you must have this note here or you must have this here' . . . he was really getting me to discover my own artistry. It was more about me coming up with my own creative decisions that would help the track.''
The 28-year-old also talks about opening for Elton, and says they share a ''special bond.''
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