How Lennon Felt About John's Version of ''Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds''

Written by Chief Editor. is looking back at a Spin magazine interview with John Lennon in which he spoke about Elton.

Lennon was asked how he felt about other artists covering Beatles tunes, and he said he loved it--and was thrilled that Elton covered Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.
''People are afraid of Beatle music. Because they got that big image thing: You can't do a Beatle number. You can't touch a Lennon song; only Lennon can do it. . . . It's garbage!''
John revealed that when Elton decided to record Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, he was ''too shy'' to ask him to play. He got a mutual friend to approach the former Beatle, who responded, ''Sure, I'll come.''
The Briton also said that if he played rhythm guitar for Elton or David Bowie, people thought he was lowering himself. He disagreed, pointing out they were pals who asked him to participate in their sessions. 
''Like Brian Jones is on a track of the Beatles years ago. And he played saxophone. In those days, you weren't allowed to say, the record companies wouldn't allow it. So it was never mentioned.''
Elton's version of ''Lucy'' reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It remained on the chart for weeks. But Lennon didn't take credit for the success. 
He believed that the pop vocalist would've had a hit without him: ''He didn't need me. And anyway, I was only Dr. Winston O'Boogie on it 'cause they weren't sure and we didn't have time to get real permission.''
Dr. Winston O'Boogie was Lennon's pseudonym on the record; ''Winston'' was his middle name.