Music Insiders Tell Andy Cohen And Elton John World About Cherished Gifts

Written by Chief Editor.

Patti LaBelle was on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live podcast, and recalled inviting Reg Dwight back to her home for food.

The 77-year-old had given him leftovers in a Tupperware container, but he never brought it back. ''I cooked for him and the band because nobody had any pounds, you know? We were in London. So I would invite them up to my loft every night and give them Tupperware to take home because nobody had food. I said to them at the them, 'Bring my Tupperware to the next show.' They didn't.
''I get a call years after that saying, 'Hi, Patti, it's Reggie. I want you to come and see my tonight.' I said, 'Reggie, who are you opening for?' He said, 'I'm Elton John now.' So I said, 'Punk, where is my Tupperware?'
''He left this diamond ring on the piano. I said, 'Elton, your ring!' He said, 'Patti, that's your Tupperware.' ''
She added, ''I'm so happy for his success, and I haven't sold it!''
Yve Robinson also received a ring from Elton many years ago, and still has it. 
She told EJW that she used to be the Managing Director of Air Studios Montserrat. So she was there when the pop vocalist was recording and says: ''Elton and his entourage were fun to work with, and many happy memories were made at that time.
''Although the Maltesers and Chocolate Digestive biscuits Elton gave me--because I had said that was what I missed about England--have long gone, I still have the diamond ring he gave me.''
Yve has contributed to a new documentary, Under the Volcano, which she says ''captures some of the magic of being part of the wonderful studio's history.''
As previously reported by this website, Nigel Olsson, Ray Cooper, and Davey Johnstone are also in the movie, which will be available on digital UK, DVD and Blu-ray release on the 26th of July.
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