Late Rapper's Repertoire Included Elton John Classic

Written by Chief Editor.

 Biz Markie, who covered Bennie and the Jets with the Beastie Boys, died on Friday at the age of 57.
No cause of death was given, but he had been ill for months, and was diabetic.
Biz gained fame in 1989 with his hit, Just a Friend. A couple of years later, he used samples from Gilbert O'Sullivan's Alone Again on his album, I Need a Haircut.
O'Sulllivan sued, claiming the use of his music was unauthorised. He won, so afterwards, hip hop artists had to clear the use of samples. The rapper had some fun with the case, naming his 1993 album All Samples Cleared!
Marcel Theo Hall (his real name) expanded his career to include acting, appearing in several films and TV shows.
Listen below to his version of Bennie and the Jets with the Beastie Boys. . . .