Entertainer's Virgin Radio Performance Was Noticed by Sir Elton

Written by Chief Editor.

Isaac Stuart got his big break when he was asked to perform on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio last Christmas, which is where he caught Elton's attention.

This happened when the Banbury singer-songwriter sang his own version of the Bee Gees' hit, Stayin' Alive, on the broadcast. Elton phoned in to ask, ''who's this kid?''
Stuart said the pop veteran is ''a big supporter of up-and-coming musicians. So that was a bit surreal.''
He also remarked that going on the show was ''mad. I got called on the Thursday before Christmas asking, 'Do you want to play on the Chris Evans show tomorrow? Rick Astley's lost his voice and Chris would like you to play instead.' ''
Last year, Isaac recorded tracks with Andy Strange, a former assistant to George Martin. He was gifted a guitar by Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody for the occasion.
Asked about how he's gained admirers like Elton and Gary, the 22-year-old responded: ''For me it's more than just singing. I'm a songwriter as well and I', a sucker for beautiful songs--Joni Mitchell, Rufus Wainwright, Harry Styles--they sing their own stories and that's what I'm trying to do: tell my story musically.''
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