Dirty Gems' Latest Includes One of Elton's Older Numbers

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The Dirty Gems, who are based in Portland, Maine, have an album called Still Dirty, due on the 23rd of July. A highlight is their cover of Elton's Take Me to The Pilot.

The disc is being released on Steven Van Zandt's Wicked Cool Records label. 
Kris Rodgers, the  lead singer of the Dirty Gems, says, ''Ever since I was a kid and heard it for the first time, I always wanted my band to play it. It's so nice because it happened organically. We played it basically live in the studio.''
This isn't the first time Kris has covered one of Elton's songs. He has performed Border Song, and in 2014, Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who'd Be a Turkey For Christmas) was included on his group's Christmas album.
Kris told EJW that they play Bennie and the Jets pretty often, and also released The Cage on a rarities EP. Other tracks on Long Lost Gems include The Station, written by Rodgers and the Dirty Gems, and George Harrison's Savoy Truffle.
''Elton has always been my number one influence as far as songwriting goes,'' he adds. ''I began playing piano at a young age and Elton was one of the first artists I latched on to.
''My band started in 2011 as a piano trio in the vein of sixties doo-wop and pop. Over the years we added guitars, then horns and back-up singers.''
He laughed. ''It's become a monster!
''Very similar to Elton, though: started off small.''
Listen to the new version of Take Me to The Pilot here:
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