Rock Orchestra Plans EJ Tribute This Fall

Written by Chief Editor.

Joe Trainor is Music Director for the Rock Orchestra, which formed in 2017. He told that the aim was to ''recreate classic rocks works, note-for-note, live on stage.'' They will be doing a tribute to Elton--for the first time--on the sixth of November.
''Our shows usually consist of a full album (or two), or a mix of songs by a particular artist. In the case of, say, Bruce Springsteen, we performed his first three albums in their entirety,'' Joe explained. ''Whereas with our Peter Gabriel show, we played a mix of hits and deep tracks.
''For all of our artists we try to be as authentic as possible, using live strings and horns where necessary (and stuff like sitar and tabla for the Beatles material).''
For Elton, they will mainly focus ''on 1970 to around 1976 and the show will be a mix of hits and deeper cuts. We'll also be utilising a full string and horn section for that show.''
The Rock Orchestra, billed as ''the Delaware Valley's premier tribute group,'' can be seen performing Tiny Dancer here:
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