Elton John Band Member's New Project With Rick Springfield

Written by Chief Editor.

Yesterday Matt Bissonette turned 60, and EJW hopes the Rocket Man's bass player had an enjoyable birthday.

He and his brother, Gregg, are also making news for releasing an album, with Rick Springfield, which their label, Lollipop Records, calls ''Beatles-esque power pop perfection.''
Their debut disc is called The Red Locusts, and so is the band. 
The Red Locusts use pseudonyms, with Matt going by ''Scotty Skuffleton.'' Gregg is ''Skippy Skuffleton'' and Rick is ''Paul Ramone.''
As of press time, the identities of the other members had not been divulged. But the keyboardist calls himself ''Duncan Sweets'' and ''Beau Weevil'' plays guitar.
Matt can be seen, below, performing with Elton.
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