Charges Dropped Against Promoter Who Falsely Claimed He Could Get Elton to Play Adelaide

Written by Chief Editor.

A concert promoter and former TV reality star was charged with 20 counts of theft. Phil Rankine was said to have duped investors, both in Australia and overseas, out of $5.5 million by falsely claiming he would bring Elton, Fleetwood Mac and Rob Thomas to Adelaide (despite lacking a license to do so). 
But Judge Hribal has said she was ready to dismiss the charges at this stage, explaining: ''Should more material come to light over the course of the next six months and the prosecution then decide they've got sufficient material to re-lay and take it to the director, that's a matter for them. But it's been before the court now for 11 months, a forensic account's report was completed back in April. I think that sufficient time.''
As a promoter, the 52-year-old previously brought other major acts to South Australia, including Bob Dylan and Bob Jovi.
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