Ice Hockey Player Hears From Music Icon After Coming Out

Written by Chief Editor.

Luke Prokop, a prospect for the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League, recently received a call from Sir Elton, has revealed.

That came a day after the 19-year-old announced he was gay on social media, making him the first player under contract to an NHL team to come out. 
When Luke told his mother who was on the phone, she was just as excited--if not more so--than he was.
The ice hockey player saw Rocketman four times, and has always been an Elton John fan. At first, he couldn't believe this was really happening.
''We just had a really good conversation. He congratulated me, just asked me how the day was, how the support was, and then he thanked me for being brave and coming out.''
He thought it ''really cool'' to hear from outside of the hockey world, ''someone that big, who has a humungous impact on the LGBTQ+ community.''
Elton suggested that Luke could have an impact as well. He said it would help kids ''going through what I went through and allowing them to have someone to look up to.''
Indeed, the Canadian said he'd be happy to offer advice to youngsters contacting him through social media. If they ''want another voice or just want to be heard,'' he will get back to them. 
He and Elton exchanged contact information, and before hanging up, the pop vocalist told him he'd make time to talk if he had any questions. 
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