A Bench Elton Dedicated to His Friend Has Been Defaced

Written by Chief Editor.

A bench that was dedicated to the late Graham Taylor by Sir Elton has been marred, the Watford Observer has reported.

A golden plaque reading ''In loving memory of friend Graham Taylor'' was discovered scratched, with the bench scribbled on as well.
Watford Borough Council said that the pop star paid for the bench, which was placed in Cassiobury Park in 2017. He also paid for the planting of four new trees. 
Watford mayor Peter Taylor stated: ''Vandalism is a prosecutable criminal offence, and acts of vandalism to public property are unacceptable. 
''Our team at Watford Borough Council will make repairs a matter of priority, and will ensure the plaque is restored as soon as possible.''

Elton John's bench in memory of Graham Taylor in Cassiobury Park. Photo: Sarah Clarke
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