Rock Performer Hopes to Meet With Culture Secretary About Post-Brexit Rules

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton has requested a meeting with new Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries over post-Brexit regulations which have affected the ability of musicians to tour the EU. 

He is lobbying for the relaxation of new rules that don't guarantee visa-tree travel for entertainers in the bloc, and argues it's having a serious impact on people who are trying to build a career.
Elton held Zoom meetings with Oliver Dowden, Nadine's predecessor, and EU Relations Minister Lord Frost, but said he was dissatisfied with the assurances.
He explained to the Mail on Sunday that there was some understanding as to the plight fledgling performers are facing. But ''in reality very little was achieved in solving the colossal issue.'' So he anticipates meeting with Nadine Dorries and seeing what she'll do to save the future of the industry. 
Elton has previously pointed out that the visa rules are stopping young talent from emulating the start of his career, and getting ''a taste of what travelling abroad was like and different cultures.'' 
He added that it was imperative for these music-makers to have such an opportunity.
''It makes them grow as songwriters, as artists and as human beings.''
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