John And Puth Premiere ''After All''

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton and Charlie Puth have unveiled their collaboration, which is to appear on the former's Lockdown Sessions next month.

It's called After All, and Elton told Apple Music that he wrote the melody first. 
''I don't know where it came from because I always write to lyric. So this song is one of the first songs in my whole life, where I've just written a melody first. There's two tracks on the album: This one and the Stevie Wonder track {Finish Line} were written melody first, all the way through straightaway like this one.''
The pair met by chance, in a restaurant in Los Angeles. They discovered they lived near each other.
The 74-year-old called Puth ''an amazing musician'' who has become a friend of the family. In fact, he's found that he has gotten close to everyone who took part in The Lockdown Sessions.
Charlie said: ''As a songwriter, I have admired and looked up to Elton John my entire life. It is truly incredible how the melodies and chords seem to come to him instantly whenever he sits down at the piano. I got to witness that firsthand when we wrote this song together.
''He is world class and the true definition of a musical genius. Being a part of his musical journey is a dream come true.''
Listen to After All here: