Elton Says Fate Brought Him Together With Lil Nas X

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton recently explained to Capital FM why he admires Lil Nas X so much.

''Well, I loved him anyway when he did Old Town Road and he came out. This is very unusual for a Black hip-hop artist to come out in a very homophobic area of the music community,''  the piano player remarked.
''I got to meet him at the iHeartRadio Awards in L.A. We just did an advertising campaign in America, which was very funny. So we've become quite close, and I just love what he does. 
''I like hip-hop music with rapping and vocal chords and he just does that so brilliantly.''
Elton also said that he admired the rapper ''from afar,'' and that fate brought them together.
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