A Great Loss For Elton's Former Producer

Written by Chief Editor.

Greg Penny, Made in England's producer, is the son of pop and country singer Sue Thompson and musician/songwriter/producer Hank Penny.

Asked by this website's Cheryl's Specials in November 2011 about that sort of background, Greg said he was greatly impacted. 
''What I was able to experience at a young age, through my parents' exposure and guidance, made up what I am today. They were and are my idols and sometimes my love and appreciation for their creativity overwhelms me.''
Sadly, Sue Thompson has died. The 96-year-old had suffered from Alzheimer's disease.
Born Eva Sue McKee, she was just seven when she began singing and playing guitar for audiences. 
Thompson's pop hits included Sad Movies (Make Me Cry) and Two Of A Kind. She also enjoyed country hits with Candy and Roses, Big Mable Murphy, and Never Naughty Rosie