''Ice on Fire'' Guest Artist And ''Third Member of Wham!'' Has Died

Written by Chief Editor.

A bass player who contributed to Elton's Ice on Fire album and was known as ''the third member of Wham!'' has passed away.

Deon Estus was 65. No cause of death has been revealed.
Andrew Ridgeley, who formed Wham! with Michael, paid homage on Twitter.
The 58-year-old wrote that he was ''a lavishly gifted bass guitarist, a charismatic & impish character & a rock of the WHAM! rhythm section. He lives large in the memory, he radiated warmth, humour & life's illuminating light, my heartfelt commiserations go out to his family.''
When George went solo, Deon played on two of his albums, and performed live with him. He also co-wrote the hit Heaven Help Me with George.
Tina Turner, George Clinton, Edgar Winter, Annie Lennox, and Frank Zappa were other artists he played bass for.
Estus, who was born in Detroit, started his career in his teens as a member of the R&B band Brainstorm. They recorded two albums, including a hit called Popcorn.