The Rocket Man And The Boss Appear in a New Trailer

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton and Bruce Springsteen are among the creatives who can be seen in a trailer for the new Brian Wilson documentary, Long Promised Road.
''Brian just threw away the rule book, took you out from where you were, and took you to another place,'' reflects the former Reg Dwight in the clip. 
Bruce adds: ''There was no greater world created in rock and roll than the Beach Boys, the level of musicianship, I don't think anyone's touched it yet.''
In the movie, Brian points out locations which played an essential part of his--and the Beach Boys'--history. Others making appearances include Nick Jonas Don Was, and Linda Perry. Brian also has a new song in the film, Right Where I Belong, which he wrote with My Morning Jacket's Jim James
Long Promised Road, which debuted at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, is set to arrive in theaters and video-on-demand services on the 19th of November. You can catch the preview here: