Musician's Recent BBC And NBC Appearances

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton recently told Matt Everitt that he hadn't planned to make music when Covid lockdowns went into effect.

It was after meeting Charlie Puth, who ''lived only four doors away from me in L.A.,'' that things changed. Charlie said, ''I have a studio, if you feel like coming out and writing something.''
Elton told the BBC Radio 6 presenter that he has learned something from every artist who recorded for his new album, The Lockdown Sessions. He particularly admires the younger performers for knowing what they want. ''They have a specific idea, and that is so great to have that at a young age.''
During another recent interview, the 74-year-old recalled ''roaring like an express train'' before Covid put a stop to his farewell tour.
On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon mentioned one of his guest's favourite venues. He said that Elton and Madison Square Garden ''go together like peanut butter and jelly.''
The songwriter agreed, calling it ''a magical place.'' 
Music has also been magical. Reg Dwight was a shy child, but it changed his life. He also appreciates the ''kindness shown'' when he first came to America. He cited Neil Diamond, Linda Ronstadt, Leon Russell {pictured with Elton and Elvis Costello below}, Bob Dylan, the Band, and the Beach Boys. 
They ''ratified'' what he was doing, so the hitmaker also has supported newer acts. He tries to play songs that aren't likely to be heard on the radio, since their playlists are so definitive.