How John Made Walliams' Big Day Even Bigger

Written by Chief Editor.

David Walliams has revealed that Elton offered to sing at his 50th birthday bash.

The author and Britain's Got Talent judge was on today's Lorraine. He said he hadn't told anyone about his friend's planned performance at the party in September. 
When Lorraine asked David if he had Elton sing to him, he joked: ''Yeah, I don't know if you've heard of him; he's an up and coming singer. He's just starring out so I thought I'd given him a break.''
He went on.
''No, he just offered. He said, 'Is anyone performing at your birthday,' and I went 'no,' and he went, 'Oh, I'll do it, I'll do three songs,' and then he did Your Song and dedicated it to my mum,'' which was ''incredible.''