Elton's Latest ''Rocket Hour'' Guest

Written by Chief Editor.

On his most recent Instagram post, Elton urged fans to listen to this weekend's Rocket Hour show.

He called his guest ''a talent,'' and told Nao he thinks she is ''one of the greatest vocalists of our time in Britain.''
The 74-year-old also told the R&B singer that her new album, And Then Life Was Beautiful is indeed ''really beautiful.''
Nao explained that after she had her daughter, the title came to her. It's also from ''looking back on life as a whole and just sort of seeing all the really rough times that you have to dig into. And I guess all the beautiful moments as well. Just realising that it was all one big, incredible painting.''
The performer, whose real name is Neo Jessica Joshua, also revealed that she's had chronic fatigue syndrome for three years, so has decided not to tour.
Listen here: