SiriusXM And iHeart Executives Weigh In On The Success Of ''Cold Heart''

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton and Dua Lipa's Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) continues to thrive: On the Pop Airplay chart, for instance, it sits at No. 11 in its 13th week.

Alex Tear, vice president of pop music & programming at SiriusXM, says he has no doubt that the song will continue to grow in the States ''and take us through the holidays.'' He thinks the track has a ''mass appeal that connect with so many different types of people'' and ''this great melodic flow topped off with Elton's proven lyrics, and vocal swag. Then add being paired with a pop now artist that's thriving and you've got a hit.''
Jon Zellner, president of programming operations at iHeart Media, told Billboard that he suspects the 2019 biopic, Rocketman, had a hand in catapulting the mashup track to new and younger audiences. While he believed Cold Heart would find its niche in some radio formats, he did not expect to see Elton in the Top 40.
''I thought the song had a lot of potential at mainstream {Adult Contemporary}, but I was surprised to see its success at Hot {Adult Contemporary} and even Contemporary Hit Radio.''
While Dua has had a recent string of hits at all three formats, it's been 21 years since the former Reg Dwight last visited the Hot 100 (with Someday Out of the Blue, which peaked at #49 in 2000).
Zellner added: ''It's always a good sign when the pop chart encompasses all kinds of music  That's what 'popular' music should be . . . the best of the best.''
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