Stewart Regrets His Comments About The ''Farewell Yellow Brick Road'' Tour

Written by Chief Editor.

Rod Stewart has shared his thoughts about Elton on the BBC Sounds podcast Headliners.

''We've been fierce enemies, as you know, through the years, but it's always been at a playful level. But we had the worse row, like a married couple. It went on forever,'' stated the 76-year-old.

This was after he criticised Elton for his farewell tour, saying it wasn't rock and roll but a money-grabbing venture. Now, though, Rod said he was ''a bit spiteful'' and regrets it.
''So we're mates again now. I do love him.''
Elton has said that he doesn't bear a grudge, and will continue to send his colleague Christmas cards.
The pair used to exchange Christmas presents, and Rod recently told the Guardian: ''I bought him a pop-up fridge from Harrods. You pressed a button and there'd be steam and lights and a bottle of champagne. It cost me 600 pounds; a lot of money in the '70s. We swapped presents and he said: 'Oh very nice, dear, thank you.' He gave me a Rembrandt painting! I've never felt so stingy.''
Rod added that Elton is ''eternally the most generous person I've ever known.''
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