Rod Stewart Says He Misses Elton

Written by Chief Editor.

Rod Stewart has stated that he and Elton only communicate through newspaper interviews nowadays.

He remarked, ''I miss him. He just had a hip operation, so I do wish him well. We still love each other.''
The pair had a falling out after Rod said the aim of Elton's ''dishonest'' farewell tour was really to sell tickets. ''It's not rock 'n' roll,'' he added.
But when prompted to share a public message with the 74-year-old {}, Rod replied: ''Love you baby.'' He also quipped that he was ''bloody annoyed'' because his colleague was hitting the top of the charts again. 
Asked why, unlike Elton, he has never owned a football club, the Maggie May singer laughed, and said: ''Because I have got more sense.''
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