Furnish on Challenges And Rewards of Working With Famous Spouse

Written by Chief Editor.

David Furnish became Elton's manager in 2015.

But it took a while before he convinced himself he was capable of doing so. Becoming sober played a key role. As he told MBW ( ''One of the reasons I drank was because I had issues with anxiety and getting sober enabled me to get a lot of help and support for that--the idea of managing Elton before I got sober would have been utterly terrifying.''
The filmmaker shared his thoughts about their passions and high and low points (from creating hits to being thwarted by Covid) while managing Elton. He also admitted to personal reasons for wanting to chart a different course for his husband's career. With two boys starting school, being on the road was no longer as appealing. 
''Elton was just on the road and there was no planning or strategy for anything to do with the future, it was literally just 'keep the plates spinning.'' So Furnish, who studied business at
university before going into advertising and film, created a plan, shared it with John's partners and embarked on diversifying his income streams. That has included a deal with Universal spanning recorded music, music publishing and licensing rights, as well as the biopic, Rocketman (which grossed over $185 million worldwide), and the star's best-selling autobiography, Me. 
In November, Elton and David were recognised at the Artist & Manager Awards, and the latter said, ''I can't think of a greater honour. I'm a novice at music management and to get the recognition of one's peers . . . you can't ask for anything better than that.''
David also noted that with Elton, ''I had many years soaking all of of that up through osmosis and just living our shared life together before I managed him. It was probably the best window seat in the world.''
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