Elton Expo Tidings

Written by Chief Editor.


As announced previously, East End Lights will be hosting a three-day Elton Expo in Toronto, Canada, in September.

The three-day event marks the entertainer's 75th birthday and their 75th issue (EEL started off as a fanzine for subscribers but is now online). 
Among the proceedings will be a VIP Reception and Awards Ceremony to raise money for the EJAF. 
During the September 9th event, several individuals will be honoured for impacting the careers and legacies of Elton; Bernie Taupin; David Furnish; the Elton John Band (past and present); Ray Williams, an early Elton John manager; Kiki Dee; and producer Stuart Epps.
You can register for both the Elton Expo and VIP gala, and save 30% here:
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