Davey Discusses Elton, Lennon, And Album

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Davey Johnstone estimates he and Elton have played around 3,300 concerts together.

Now as he prepares for the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, the guitar player and musical director tells SiriusXM's Volume West show it's been amazing that he has been able to do this for so long.
''I put that down to Elton's staying power and his tenacity, and just the way he handles the whole thing. He's a great, great singer. His voice has changed over the years, but I think he's used it to his advantage: he's got kind of a bigger, more soulful voice now. The guy's a monster. He's one of those guys who plays and sings brilliantly, every night. I've never heard him not do it great every night.''
The musician also looked back at an unforgettable night in 1974  when John Lennon joined them onstage at Madison Square Garden. He believes Elton ''conspired'' with John's assistant, Tony King, to bring Yoko Ono to the gig {Yoko and her husband had been apart for 18 months}. 
''They knew she was coming and everything. And Yoko actually sent some beautiful gardenias for John to say, 'Good luck with the show.' ''
As reported a while back, the Scotsman has an album coming out next month. Deeper Than My Roots is a ''family affair,'' says the Hamden Journal {}, with musical contributions from four of Davey's sons and artwork by his daughter Juliet. Fifteen-year-old Elliot, Johnstone's youngest child, sings lead on most of the tracks. That includes a cover of Here, There and Everywhere, which Johnstone describes as ''one of the greatest Beatles songs of all time.''
Elton and John are seen below with Nigel Olsson.

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