Davey Johnstone Interview Touches on Subjects Ranging From Guinness to ''Uncle Elton''

Written by Chief Editor.

One of Elton's longtime band members once subsisted on little more than Guinness, porridge, and pasta.

That's among Davey Johnstone's revelations on the January 10th episode of the Greatest Music of All Time.
On the podcast, the music-maker also talked about much Sir Elton supports younger artists like Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, and Sam Fender. He decided to send Sam a vintage guitar, and sent Davey to select the instrument. 
The 70-year-old went on to discuss his new album--his first solo outing since 1973. Deeper Than My Roots, out on Cherry Red Records on the fourth of February, includes Black Scotland, featuring the late bass player Bob Birch. Little Richard inspired the title when he quipped that Davey must be ''from Black Scotland.''
Elliot, Davey's youngest son, supplies most of the album's lead vocals. ''Uncle Elton'' received a copy of Deeper Than My Roots, and called the 15-year-old to express his admiration.
The songwriter noted that nowadays it's easy to go online to get an applause track or the sound of an ocean, but he prefers to keep it ''as raw as possible.''
The interview can be accessed here:
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