Singer Admits to Being Worried About First Concert After Lockdown

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton was a bit apprehensive before returning to the concert stage in New Orleans on Wednesday night.

''I haven't played for two years,'' he explained to CBS News' Anthony Mason. He believes other performers feel odd as well, after Covid shut down live shows.
''I hope I'm not too rusty,'' Elton said. 
While he couldn't tour, the artist was successful on the recording front. He enjoyed hits with Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran, and found it ''quite surreal'' to hit the top of the charts again. 
Elton also spoke about his family, and says he's looking forward to spending more time with them once the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour winds up. He wants to ''do something different'' with the rest of his life, he added. 
You can catch the full interview here:
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