UK Production is Inspired by Household Names And Covid-19

Written by Chief Editor.

In Birmingham, England, a new production with characters such as Elton, Stormzy, Donald Trump, and Boris Johnson is planned.

The Covid-19 Variations: A Piano Drama is to play Birmingham Rep on the 8th and 9th of February, according to It's a film and concert in one.
The composer is Richard Thomas, who wrote the piece for his friend, Philip Fisher, who was very ill with Covid. Philip recovered and played the piece: A recording of his performance found its way to artist Alison Jackson, who was motivated enough to create 19 short films for each of the Covid-19 Variations, drawn from her world of fake news, alternative facts, and celebrity lookalikes, and commemorating life in the time of Covid. 
Below is a sampling of her work.
Sir Elton John and Her Majesty | Alison Jackson
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