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At last year's Tribeca Film Festival, Suzanne Joe Kai's Like a Rolling Stone: The Life & Times of Ben Fong-Torres was shown. As reported previously, the film contains conversations with colleagues and friends like Cameron Crowe and Annie Leibovitz, as well as recordings from the writer's archives--including, Elton, Jim Morrison, and Ray Charles
Suzanne wanted to show why Ben was the interviewer many bands requested. The former Rolling Stone journalist and editor is credited with treating each musician with admiration for their craft, while also seeing them as individuals rather than icons.
It is now on Netflix. Earlier this month, the streaming giant canceled Pearl, an animated series produced by Elton's husband and the Duchess of Sussex. 
But insiders tell the Sun that this isn't the end of the road for Pearl. Meghan Markle and David Furnish are ''reviewing the project to see where else it could find a home.'' They will be pitching the concept to other TV networks and streamers including Apple and Amazon {}.
The Duke {seen below at the 2018 International AIDS Conference with Elton} and Duchess of Sussex's contract with Netflix (which scrapped other features as well) permits the couple to go elsewhere with projects turned down by the streaming platform.
A source says: ''Apple and Harry already have ties after he appeared on a series about mental health. Disney, whose Plus streaming service is huge, has a relationship with Markle too after she voiced a wildlife documentary.''  
And Furnish has a number of connections to TV networks and movie studios. 
In other developments, it was announced last year that Davey Johnstone was hoping to do a deal with Netflix. He has been working on a documentary about Elton's incredible rise to superstardom in the seventies. The title is The Pillars of Hercules, and it includes never-before-seen backstage footage of the Rocket Man and John Lennon

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