''Tiny Dancer'' And ''Tiny Petty''

Written by Chief Editor.

When a resident of La Mesa, California, was out of work during the pandemic, he turned to the music of Elton, Tom Petty, and the love of his young sons. 

Aaron Erlichmann has a band called Pop Vinyl, but couldn't get gigs because of social distancing. So he teamed up with his boys to form Kid Tributes.
Milo, who is 9, performs as Tiny Petty while singing Tom Petty selections. Owen, who is 11 years old, dresses like Elton when he performs as Tiny Dancer
Their bandmate, Brixton Harper, doesn't bother with special outfits. ''I'm a drummer, so,'' he laughed.
The group, who also cover numbers from Hall & Oates, has been getting gigs throughout San Diego County.