John And Furnish Express Support For New ''RHOBH'' Star

Written by Chief Editor.

In 2012, Diana Jenkins received one of the EJAF's Enduring Vision Awards.
The long-time supporter of Elton's charity is the founder and CEO of Neuro Drinks. She's also been on TV, the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. 
The 48-year-old philanthropist made her debut on the Bravo show Wednesday night and received kudos from Elton. In an online video, he said: '' Good luck tonight. We love you so much. Thanks for all your support.''
In  the clip, also featuring David Furnish, the singer said they've be ''cheering from a long way away.'' Indeed, the couple sent their love to their friend all the way from England:
''Thank you, my darling,'' added Furnish in the video, which Diana shared on her Instagram page. ''We can't wait to catch up and see it soon.''
The footage ended with a kiss from John to Jenkins, who captioned her post: ''I am {Elton and David's} favorite {Housewife} already. Jealous much? Lol.''
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