Elton's Heart-Felt Message

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton has kicked off the UK leg of the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.

He appeared in three different outfits. The last one, worn during his encore, consisted of a long black dinner jacket with pink patterned lapel. Elton also had on a pair of colour-coordinated specs. They were black and pink heart-shaped glasses. 
And appropriately enough, the headliner had a heart-felt message for his admirers. 
He closed the show with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, saying: ''Tonight is the 229th show on the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, we have about 103 shows to do. 
''It's been quite a journey and it all ends next July. But I want to thank you because I won't be playing here again. I want to thank you for all the memories, all the love you've sent me, all the loyalty, the kindness, the letters, the dressing up, the costumes, the multiple shows you've been to.''
Elton added {}: ''It means the world to me and I will never forget you guys. 
''I will take you with me in my heart, in my soul, and I can tell my boys all about you when I get old and decrepit. I love you.'' 
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